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COMING SOON! “Stale Urine's Bachelor Party 3!”

RELATIVELY RECENT ALBUM! Matches Made of Human Fingers released November 2003.

STALE URINE celebrated its Tenth Anniversary in 2003 with a series of commemorative events.

STALE URINE is, among other things, an experimental industrial/zydeco fusion band. Undeterred by such concepts as "musicianship" or "recording quality," SU continues to spew out recordings that amuse, shock, and annoy their mostly unwilling audiences. Like good Throbbing Gristle, it might even make you a little ill.

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(*=audio downloads)

- Egon Is Watching You (Summer 1993)
- Five Minutes to Automated Freedom (Winter 1993)
- Nutrition In Disguise (Summer 1994)
- Black Milk of Dawn (Summer 1995)
- Beckman Sonata (Winter 1996)
- Original Zydequarium I (Winter 1996)
- Embodiments of Craving and Aversion * (Summer 1996)
- Stale Urine In the Caves of Nuclear Fire * (Summer 1997)
- The Fourteen Points (Fall 1997)
- Stale Urine's Bachelor Party! (2000)
- Matches Made of Human Fingers * (Fall 2003)

"That record is the closest I've ever come to perfection. It's the only record I know that attacks the listener. Even when it gets to the end of the last side it still won't stop. You have to get up and remove it yourself. It's impossible to even think when the thing is on. It destroys you. You can't complete a thought. You can't even comprehend what it's doing to you. You're literally driven to take the miserable thing off. You can't control that record."
--Lou Reed, on
Metal Machine Music

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