Nutrition In Disguise

Nutrition in Disguise was Stale Urine's third album. It was released in June, 1994 after several months of intense effort in the studio, shocking SU fans with polished, 4-track sound, real drums, and a 24-minute version of None Dare Call It Treason, the most hated track in the SU catalogue.

The Songs


Mike Benedetti: accordion
Chris DuPuis: guitar
Kevin Kraft: guitar, bass
Jon Lange: accordion
Michael Radford: drums, percussion
Kurt Revis: guitar, bass
Adam Villani: percussion

NUTRITION IN DISGUISE was mostly recorded between February and May, 1994, on the Caltech campus. All tracks engineered and mixed by Kurt Revis, except track 8, engineered by Michael Radford, and track 9, engineered by Fred Caldwell.

CREVASSE, HORSE IN A SMELTER, and LOBSTER copyright © 1993 by Stale Urine. ANGELS SOARING PAST (I REALIZE IT NOW), DYSLEXIA, MANNHEIM JACKHAMMER, NONE DARE CALL IT TREASON, ROSE CITY BLUES, and Ü-TOPIA copyright © 1994 by Stale Urine. All rights reserved. LOBSTER was previously released on Stale Urine's FIVE MINUTES TO AUTOMATED FREEDOM.

Stale Urine would like to thank:
Apple Computer, Inc.
Fred Caldwell
Bill Castillo
Dennis ``Trylæn'' Chang
Kurt Cobain
The Caltech Coffeehouse
The Caltech Jam Room
Chip Davis
Einstürzende Neubauten
The J. Geils Band
The Hoover Vacuum Company
Yun Kim
Kraft General Foods Inc.
Lou Reed
sKURV Radio
Laurent Stadler
Stolichnaya Vodka
Jonathan Weinstein
the residents of Dabney House

copyright © 1993-98 Stale Urine