Let's Go Crazy/Horse In a Smelter

Introduction: Prince
Lyrics: Benedetti, Radford, Revis
Music: Benedetti

In the tundra it never rains
Inuit, Inuit, Inuit pain
Seal blood, seal blood, permanent stain
All we lost and never gained
Come on, baby, don't give me no shelter
You can just call me the horse in the smelter

My eyelids burnin' off my head
It helps improve the view
I know a hundred words for snow
But only one for you
In this hellish heat I swelter
Just call me the horse in the smelter

I was so blind when it began
Those six-month nights while we ate blubber
She sold her pelt to a dirty white man
Now when I see her, I want to club her
Like a pup when I first felt her
Just call me the horse in the smelter

Listening to my Throbbing Gristle
Tryin' to keep a smiling face
If I don't whimper, only whistle
Maybe I can leave this place
Since you've gone, things ain't the sameč
My skin is raw, my life is pain

Mike Benedetti: accordion, lead vocals (Horse In a Smelter)
Chris DuPuis: lead vocals (Let's Go Crazy)
Kevin Kraft: bass
Michael Radford: drums
Kurt Revis: electric guitar, spoken introduction
Recorded in the Caltech Jam Room, April 14, 1994

Horse in a Smelter copyright © 1994 Stale Urine

copyright © 1993-98 Stale Urine info@staleurine.com