None Dare Call It Treason

(extended jazz mix)

Stale Urine

Vocals, accordion, electric guitar, electric keyboard, and percussion by Mike Benedetti, Jon Lange, Michael Radford, Kurt Revis, and Adam Villani

Sequencing by Michael Radford and Kurt Revis

Texts excerpted from W'shay Zen Plon, by Tuular Kablô; None Dare Call It Conspiracy, by Gary Allen with Larry Abraham; The Honda Accord 1979 Service Manual, by the Honda Motor Company, Ltd.; The Feminine Mystique, by Betty Freidan; The C Programming Language, 2nd edition, by Brian Kernighan and Dennis Ritchie; Who Rules America?, by G. William Domhoff; United We Stand, by H. Ross Perot; Say You Love Satan, by David St. Clair; The Red Chinese Excercise, Diet, and Sex Book, by William Randolph Hirsch; Neuromancer, by William Gibson; The New Roget's Thesaurus in Dictionary Form, edited by Norman Lewis; and Gravity's Rainbow, by Thomas Pynchon

Music excerpted from ``Lobster,'' by Kurt Revis; ``Du du lieget mir in Herzen'' and ``Muss' i den,'' traditional; ``Music in Two Parts,'' by Stale Urine; ``Serra Polada,'' by Philip Glass; ``Surf City,'' by Jan and Dean; ``Iron Man,'' by Black Sabbath; and ``Once in a Lifetime,'' by Talking Heads

Other sounds sampled from ``The Simpsons,'' ``Sid and Nancy,'' and Jello Biafra's ``Can God Fill Teeth?''

Other material copyright © 1994 Stale Urine

Recorded in Dabney Room 13, May 29, 1994

copyright © 1993-98 Stale Urine