Black Milk of Dawn

Black Milk of Dawn is Stale Urine's fourth ``studio'' album, a half-hour of the best recordings from June, 1994 to June, 1995. It is less polished than Nutrition in Disguise, but a more satisfying expression of the Stale Urine aesthetic, according to many.

Styles range from the ``Negativland-inspired sound collage'' (according to Burping Lula) of There Is No Oil In Bosnia, to the roots-rock of You'll Be Alone When I Throw You In Jail and Bleed, to the painful noise symphony of Bhopal: Prelude and Fugue.

Black Milk of Dawn has proved the most popular SU offering since Egon Is Watching You. It also marked the debut of bassist Heidi Hofer as an ``official'' member of the band.

The Songs


Mike Benedetti: accordion
Chris DuPuis: guitar
Heidi Hofer: bass
Jon Lange: accordion
Michael Radford: percussion
Kurt Revis: guitar
Adam Villani: percussion

BLACK MILK OF DAWN was mostly recorded during June, 1995 on and around the Caltech campus. BHOPAL, BLEED, DAVID LEFT ME STANDING AT THE ALTAR, YOU'LL BE ALONE WHEN I THROW YOU IN JAIL, and RENAL SUITE copyright © 1995 by Stale Urine. All rights reserved.

Stale Urine would like to thank:
Andreas Aebi
Dewayne Blackwell
The Caltech Coffeehouse
The Caltech Film Club
Enrico Caruso
Paul Celan
Neal Dalal
Matthew Doucleff
Alex Dunn
Chris ``X'' Echols
Einstürzende Neubauten
Farrah Fawcett
Samantha Foster
Moss Hart
Caryl P. Haskins, Ph.D.
Lori Hsu
Chris Gerardy
Seth LaForge
Tom Lechner
Bud Lee
David Charles George Liney
David Lynch
John Matuszak
Alan McConchie
Jon Moritsugu
Jennifer Oghi
Aaron Passey
The Rolling Stones
Alan Splet
The Union Carbide Corporation
Giuseppe Verdi
Chris Walker

Black milk of dawn we drink it at dusk
we drink it at noon and at daybreak we drink it at night
we drink and drink
--Paul Celan

copyright © 1993-98 Stale Urine