Lyrics: Benedetti
Music: Benedetti, Revis

I don't know what you could've learned
In your--is it fifteen years?
I don't know what the boys could've shown you
About your hangups and your fears
I know that there's a lot to learn
And I'm sure you'll understand
You seem like a talented girl
And you know I'm a hell of a man

You don't gotta be my servant, baby
You don't gotta be my slave
I wanna fulfill your every desire
Give you every little thing you crave
Maybe you'll reciprocate
And give me what I need
I wanna hold you oh-so-close
I wanna love you 'till you bleed

You may not like my wacky wit
You may not like this song
I don't care about that baby,
I just wanna love you all night long

I wanna make you cry in ecstasy,
Don't wanna hear you cry in pain
I wanna make you come
So many times you go insane
Baby, baby, baby
Won't you give me what I need?
I need for you to hold me tight,
To love me 'till I bleed

I wanna crack your pelvis,
I wanna make you scream
I'll be your greatest nightmare,
I'll infect your every dream
Maybe you don't understand,
I guess it's just as well
Tonight when I'm taking your body to Heaven
I'll be taking your soul to Hell

Mike Benedetti: vocals
Heidi Hofer: bass
Jon Lange: accordion
Michael Radford: wastebasket, metal
Kurt Revis: electric guitar
Adam Villani: metal, wood
Recorded June 4, 1995 in Dabney Room 18

Copyright © 1995 by Stale Urine

copyright © 1993-98 Stale Urine