David Left Me Standing At the Altar


David left me standing at the altar
Left me standing there, I don't know why
David left me standing at the altar
I couldn't talk, I couldn't think
All that I could do was cry

I met him at a fancy Hollywood party
You know, we hit it off right from the start
David, then he broke his promise to me
But worse than that, he broke my heart

David sold an awful lot of love songs
Now it's up to you how your money's spent
But when I take stock of those love songs
None of them is worth a cent

David left me standing at the altar
Guess he liked them more than he liked me
David, hope you're proud of your decision
'Cause you won't find no love at SKG

Mike Benedetti: vocals, electric guitar
Recorded June 4, 1995 in Dabney Room 18

Copyright © 1995 by Stale Urine

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