Egon Is Watching You

Stale Urine's debut album, Egon is Watching You, was released during the Summer of 1993 to great critical and commercial success. It is usually considered to be their greatest achievement.

On Egon, SU showcase their mastery of a variety of styles, from blues to techno to punk to pop. Favorite tracks include The Wax Man, The Third Rail, and an innovative cover of Madonna's Borderline.

Here is a review from Damien Sullivan.

The songs:


Michael Benedetti, accordion
Chris DuPuis, acoustic guitar (electric on 7 and 8)
Jon Lange, accordion (percussion on 3)
Michael Radford, percussion (accordion on 3)
Kurt Revis, electric guitar and drill
Adam Villani, percussion

Lead vocals by Michael Benedetti (1, 13, 14, 15), Chris DuPuis (11), Jon Lange (3, 4, 9), Michael Radford (5, 7), and Adam Villani (2, 8, 12, 16)

Acoustic Guitar on tracks 4 and 9 by Kevin Kraft
Spoken introduction on track 6 by Adam Villani
Commentary on track 10 by Michael Radford
Noises on track 10 by Adam Villani
Sequencing on track 12 by Michael Radford

EGON IS WATCHING YOU was recorded on June 13 and July 21, 1993, in and around the Dabney House Library, and was mixed by Jon Lange.

All songs copyright © 1993 STALE URINE except BORDERLINE, © 1984 by Madonna, and HEAD OVER HEELS, © 1982 by the Go-Gos.

Kevin Kraft appears courtesy of DabniCorp Records, Inc.

Stale Urine would like to thank:
Kevin Kraft
Fred Caldwell
David Charles George Liney
Anne Dudzik
Egon C. Pasztor
Styg Chang
sKURV Radio 98.3 FM
The Caltech Coffeehouse
James Radford
Hollystone S.
John A. Stormer
Jonathan Weinstein
Einstürzende Neubauten
Clifton Chenier
The Gyüto Monks
Stevie Wonder
Hoyt Hudson
Robert D. Cobb
the residents of Dabney House

``This'll be the tightest horse you ever rode, my friend.''

copyright © 1993-98 Stale Urine