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Hello, Mr. Bicyclist!


Hello, Mr. Bicyclist!
Aren't you very prim?
You look like a healthy man
Full of vigour and vim

Hello, Mr. Bicyclist!
We could go to lunch
We could go to the village café
You'd like it, I have a hunch

Mr. Unidecacyclist,
You look very strange
Perhaps you come from another planet
Where wheels are rearranged

Mike Benedetti: Casiotone MT-500 electronic keyboard, backing vocals
Jon Lange: backing vocals
Michael Radford: vocals
Recorded November 24, 1995 at Seattle's SuperChronic studios
Engineered by Jon Lange

Copyright © 1996 by Stale Urine

copyright © 1993-98 Stale Urine info@staleurine.com