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Late Cretaceous Blues


My baby, she left me
She left me for a rat
A litle warm-blooded creature
Can you imagine that?
She took my pickup truck and left my Chevy with a flat

I was sittin' in a bar
When I heard a crazy sound
The sky turned black as night
When that meteor hit the ground
Bartender said, ``Boys, this here's the final round.''

I was walkin' tonight
I could hardly breathe the air
Saw T. Rex in the gutter
And Barney passed out on the stairs
All my friends are dying now, but I'm too drunk to care

Mike Benedetti: guitar solo
Chris DuPuis: vocals, acoustic guitar
Adam Villani: percussion
Recorded November 24, 1995 at Seattle's SuperChronic studios
Engineered by Jon Lange

Copyright © 1996 by Stale Urine

copyright © 1993-98 Stale Urine info@staleurine.com