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There is nothing living
In the heart of Haber-Bosch.
The trees are destroyed!
Burning heat! Burning heat!

Ammoniak hasse!
Töte meine Liebe!

Your fire
Wrapped me inert.
Spark of life!
Crush me, love burning

Liebe verschwunden!
Liebe, liebe verschwunden!

We were torn apart.
Reassembled. Pyramidal
Shape! Impure; we
Are one!

Jetzt sind wir Bäumefresse!
Yes, we are tree food.

Mike Benedetti: electric guitar, bass, percussion
Alex Dunn: vocals, percussion
Michael Radford: vocals, percussion
Recorded March 16, 1996 in the Caltech Jam Room
Engineered by Michael Radford

Copyright © 1996 by Stale Urine

copyright © 1993-98 Stale Urine info@staleurine.com