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The Moon

Lyrics: Hollystone S. (sr600uab@imath10.ucsd.edu)
Music: Radford

How can you be so sure
That the moon wants you to measure
Its distance from the earth
Why would it care
Else, moon would own the earth

And how can you be so sure
That the moon wants you to be
There at all
Have you asked it

Leave the moon alone

It won't be useful to you
It has no life to you
But only to itself
Don't you know that rocks have life
So does the air

Man thought he had conquered the moon
But when he got there
He found himself could only be there
Doing the jumping
And could not even impress the moon
To be looking more alive

Man had lost all his grace

Chris DuPuis: percussion
Jon Lange: accordion
Michael Radford: vocals, percussion
Kurt Revis: electric guitar
Recorded April 23 and 27, 1996 in the Caltech Jam Room and Seattle's SuperChronic studios
Engineered by Jon Lange

Copyright © 1996 by Stale Urine

copyright © 1993-98 Stale Urine info@staleurine.com