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"There are many other experiments that may be tried by boys interested in this subject, but as they necessitate more or less complicated and expensive equipment they are omitted, it being the object of this book to describe only such things as can be manufactured by the boys themselves."
  —Dan Beard, "Life Instilled into Paper Puppets, and Matches Made of Human Fingers," The American Boys Handy Book

S O M E   S O N G S
  1. Altered States mp3
  2. The Sailor Girl Who Fell From Grace With the Sea mp3
  3. Chicken in a Chipper mp3
  4. Sucker MCs mp3
  5. Miscible mp3
A   T R E A T M E N T

Abba Lot came to Abba Joseph in the desert and said: Father, as best I can I keep my little rule, I fast, I pray and meditate, I live in peace, and I purify my thoughts. Now what else should I do?

The elder stood up and stretched out his hands, and his fingers were tongues of flame. He said: Why not become all fire?
  —Apophthegmata Patrum

MATCHES collects recordings from 2000-2003, a time when Stale Urine was unusually productive, despite being officially on hiatus.

The CD also contains the digitally remastered re-release of The Fourteen Points.

Copies of MATCHES are available for $10. To order, contact info@staleurine.com.

L  I  N  E  R    N  O  T  E  S
1. Altered States
Lyrics: Paddy Chayefsky
Music: Willie D. Burton

Mike Benedetti: percussion
Michael Radford: vocals, percussion
Adam Villani: breathing, percussion
Recorded February 9, 2003 at Mountain Mama Studios
Engineered by Anny Luckless

2. The Sailor Girl Who Fell From Grace With the Sea
Lyrics: Villani
Music: Benedetti, Lange, Villani
Based on the novel
The Sailor Who Fell From Grace With the Sea by Yukio Mishima

My poor little sailor girl
Only ashore for three days
You promised you'd be mine
But fell victim to their fascist ways

You were away for six months
Just me in my import store
The boy who fell in near you
I should have watched o'er

They said your heart was still beating
Was it beating for me?
You fell from grace with the sea
But you never fell from grace with me

Led to an empty pool
Kids fed you poison tea
Torso flayed wide open
Varietal meats for all to see

Mike Benedetti: guitar
Alex Dunn: clarinet
Jon Lange: vocals
Mónica Muñiz: percussion
Michael Radford: percussion
Adam Villani: percussion
Recorded June 2, 2001, Seattle

3. Radio Crosstalk
From the forthcoming album "Into the Mouth of Hell," vintage Crimean War-era recordings re-created by Michael Parker and Stale Urine

3. Dance of the Little Cossacks
From "Into the Mouth of Hell"
Balalaika by Kevin Kraft

5. It's Gonna Fuckin' Rock
From "Into the Mouth of Hell"
Guitars by Kevin Kraft

6. La Kanto de la Usonia Domo

La Usonia Domo estas por la ordinaria homo.
Cxiu meriti bondesegnan domon.
La Usonia Domo enkorpigas la usonan revon.
Le prerio estas personiga en la domo.


La Usonia Domo estas ne pure usona.
Gxi krude sxtelas japanan estetikojn.
Se la Usonia Domo estus vere por la proletaro,
Kial gravus manko de sidejoj de servistoj?


Por laboristo, arkitekto estas luksajo.
Sed ordinaria entreprenisto lernas per pionero de Jacobs.
La elimino de ornamo de malnova mondo
Permesas sublimen usonan gloron de la funkcia.


Chris DuPuis: Japanese
Kurt Revis: electronics
Adam Villani: Esperanto, Device
Recorded June 2, 2001, Seattle
Engineered by Mike Radford

7. Ator, the Fighting Eagle (live)

Charity for your faithlessness
Sing Gehenna by the hour
Midnight age, a midnight flower

Charity without dark reply
Sort the sweet stake on the wall
Build the wings, you were born to fly
Graying boxes, yielding all

Take the blade Sir O'Keeffe
Turn the knot, charity, sweet relief

Performed by the Stale Urine Royal Expeditionary Force:
Benedetti: vocals, guitar
Kraft: slide guitar
Villani: keyboard
Recorded live at the Great Mariposa Music Hall, Mountain View, California, June 12, 2000

8. Every Child's Treasury of Sine Waves

  • 1 Hz
  • 349.2 Hz (F below middle C)
  • 15 Hz
  • 12,000 Hz
  • 60 Hz
  • 1,000 Hz
  • 440 Hz modulated by 110 Hz at 16 Hz

Synthesized by Michael Radford

9. The Battle of Alma
From "Into the Mouth of Hell"
Keyboard and vocal duet by Jon Lange

10. Theremin Minute
The Theremin: itself
Revis: additional electronics
Recorded June 2, 2001, Seattle
Engineered by Kurt Revis

11. Antipaloma
Lyrics: Dunn (Spanish translation with Muñiz)
Music: Stale Urine

Eres asquerosa
Parásito voladora
Dignidad engrandecida

Eres asquerosa
Parásito voladora
Con un ojo en mi bagel

Las viejas te dan comida
Transmites enfermedad
Profanadora de arte

Las viejas te dan comida
Transmites enfermedad
Pendeja abrillantá

Mike Benedetti: accordion
Alex Dunn: clarinet
Chris DuPuis: trumpet
Jon Lange: accordion
Michael Radford: percussion
Adam Villani: vocals
Recorded June 2, 2001, Seattle

12. Chicken in a Chipper
Lyrics: Villani
Music: Stale Urine

They keep me locked up inside this nightmare of a coop
I can't turn around; I gotta sleep in my poop
To keep me docile they clip my beak with a jolt
They pump me full of hormones and force me to moult
I never see the sun; I'm in eternal twilight
Ask me to stand; if I had strength I might
Got the kind of pain they can't cure with codeine
No purpose in life, just an egg-laying machine
Chicken in a chipper

The feed keeps coming, all I do is eat it
They'll keep me cooped up till I'm no longer needed
With the Newcastle they tell me I'm sick
Death may be painful but death will be quick
Chicken in a chipper

Mike Benedetti: guitar
Alex Dunn: clarinet
Jon Lange: accordion, backing vocals
Michael Radford: drums, percussion
Adam Villani: lead vocals, peqalujaq, quahak
Recorded April 19, 2003 at Mountain Mama Studios

13. Nice Day (Sunny Side Left)

Mike Benedetti: guitar
Jon Lange: keyboard
Michael Radford: percussion

14. Suit Up or Shut Up
Lyrics: Benedetti
Music: Stale Urine

  • Trim your web belt to size.
  • Remove your button down collar when wearing a double-breasted suit.
  • Shine your shoes.
  • Downplay the label on your jeans.
  • Remove the tag from your sleeve.

Mike Benedetti: vocals
Alex Dunn: velcro, vocals
Carrie Griffin: 1938 Singer 221 "featherweight" sewing machine, vocals
Jon Lange: zipper, snap, pinking shears, vocals
Mónica Muñiz: velcro, zipper, vocals
Michael Radford: sneakers, fabric, zippers, vocals
Adam Villani: fabric, shears, vocals
Recorded June 2, 2001, Seattle
Engineered by Carrie Griffin

15. Wet/Dry
Stale Urine

Four cassettes recorded individually by Mike Benedetti with Melody Shue, Alex Dunn with The Theremin, Michael Radford, and Adam Villani.

Originally debuted simultaneously on four boomboxes operated by Lee Kopenhauer, Mike Benedetti, Michael Paulukonis, and Ruth Giovannitti as part of "Waiting for the Flood" at Afa Gallery, Scranton, Pennsylvania, December 9, 2000. The tapes are here remastered with a binaural microphone simulation by Michael Radford.

Instructions for making cassette:

  1. Wet (River). 60 seconds. E, F#, A. 90 bpm. Cold. 7.
  2. Dry (Savannah). 30 seconds. C#, D#, F#. 120 bpm. Warm. 3.
  3. Dry (Mojave). 45 seconds. D, C, A. 90 bpm. Cold. 6.
  4. Wet (Ocean). 90 seconds. G, G, E. 60 bpm. Temperate. 5.
  5. Coda (Forest). 15 seconds. B. 120 bpm. Warm. 8.
  • No pause between sections.
  • First beat of each section lands exactly at the start of the section.
  • Feel free to ignore any of the instructions as art demands, except:
    1. Please use a standard cassette recorder.
    2. Please include instructions on appropriate volume, spatial placement, and how to cue the tape.

16. Captive in New York (demo)
Lyrics: Villani
Music: Lange

New York!
You're holding my girl captive
You've got me so reactive
That I can't hold my tongue no more
Your streets!
With easy ordinals odd and even
I'd be forgiven for believing
They match the numbers on the door

Flew in this morning from L.A.
Called up to find out where we'd stay
Waldorf, the best for her to have
I scribble three-oh-one Park Ave

Back home an address keeps its word
Three hundred block would cross at third
But when I step up to the street
Park ain't there, all I got's my feet

The gridiron's order tamed the formless void
But logical addresses would be enjoyed
At forty-ninth street help me find my hon
Give that grand hotel forty-nine-oh-one

New York!
She's no longer your captive
Took me all day but I cracked it
I see her number on that door

Please renumber, but do not disturb

Jon Lange: vocals and accordion
Recorded June 3, 2001 in Bellevue, Washington

17. I'm Scalia
Antonin Scalia

Chris & Colin Christopher DuPuis: vocals
Recorded June 3, 2001 in Auburn, Washington

18. Sucker MCs

Sucker MCs
Always gaming and dicing
Losing their shirts
They bite my rhymes like Tyson

Sucker MCs
Always fail to the last
Checking the mic
But we only take cash

Mike Benedetti: vocals, accordion
Andy Radford: guitar
Mike Radford: drums, vocals
Adam Villani: guiro, vocals
Recorded February 9, 2003 at Mountain Mama Studios
Engineered by Anny Luckless

19. Miscible
Lyrics from G Spencer-Brown's Laws of Form
Music: Stale Urine

Jon Lange: water, ice
Mónica Muñiz: water
Michael Radford: vocals
Adam Villani: orange juice, ice
Written and recorded in a 30-minute period June 2, 2001, Seattle

20-30. The Fourteen Points
Written and recorded by Mike Benedetti, Jon Lange, Michael Radford, Kurt Revis, and Adam Villani in Seattle, Washington, October 25-26, 1997. Originally released as DEI-42.


Mike Benedetti: accordion
Alex "Judge" Dunn: clarinet and saxophone
Mr. Chris "Godot" DuPuis: guitar
Heidi Hofer: bass
Kevin Kraft: guitar
Jon Lange: accordion
Geoff Matters: guitar, bass
Michael "Crash" Radford: percussion
Kurt Revis: guitar
Adam N.M. Villani: percussion

Afa Gallery
Julia Devine
Sigmund Freud
Lori Hsu
Immanuel Kant
Walter Kuhr/Main Squeeze
John Lilly
Mónica Muñiz
Dennis Owens
Michael Paulukonis
Pick One
David Sotnick
Laurent Stadler
T. Woodrow Wilson
Agnieszka Wojciechowska (Polska Chce Byc Wolna)

Matches Made of Human Fingers copyright © 2003 Stale Urine. The Fourteen Points copyright © 1997 Stale Urine. This compilation copyright © 2003 Stale Urine. All rights reserved. Distributed in the United States of America and their possessions by the Pacific Recording and Trading Company.

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