up: Matches Made of Human Fingers

M A T C H E S    M A D E    O F    H U M A N    F I N G E R S 

According to the New York Times,[1] a Mr. Breck Rowell paid up to $950 each for eight original copies of the 1992 Guided by Voices album "Propeller" with unique handmade covers.

Don't wait for our legions of obsessed fans to drive up the price! A limited number of copies of MATCHES MADE OF HUMAN FINGERS with quaint handcrafted covers are available today for only $10. Each comes with a unique serial number and one genuine strike-anywhere match. [2]

To order, contact info@staleurine.com.

[1]"The Band That Can't Stop Recording," November 17, 2003
[2]strike-anywhere feature disabled to prevent accidental ignition

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