Stale Urine Photo Album

Stale Urine at the Highwire Gallery,
Philadelphia, December 26, 1997

The performers. From left to right: Heidi Hofer (bass), Mike Benedetti (accordion, guitar), Adam Villani (vocals), special guest Mike Ciul (digital effects), and Michael Radford (percussion).

The band meets for practice in Heidi's parents' basement.

Adam tries to summon the spirit of Dre for California Love.
Mike Ciul tinkers with his equipment before the show, while Heidi waits patiently.

Mike B. and Heidi wait for the audience to show up.
The audience waits for the show to begin.

Mike Benedetti accompanies special guest Mike Walsh reading his original poem The Man In the Basement.

After the show, the band scolds Rob Cresswell for showing up three hours late.

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