Stale Urine Photo Album

Stale Urine Live at Caltech's
Winnett Student Center, May 23, 1996

The band kicks off the show with The Wax Man. From left to right: Heidi Hofer (obscured, bass), Alex "Judge" Dunn (sax), Adam "Bob Vu" Villani (percussion), Michael Radford (drums), Mike Benedetti (accordion), and Geoff Matters (guitar).

Original SU guitarist Chris DuPuis (far right) joins the band onstage in a surprise appearance.

Geoff shows his beatbox skills in Hello, Mr. Bicyclist!

Benedetti goes on a cardboard-moon rampage during The Moon.

Ever pushing the envelope, the band covers Sam Cooke's Wonderful World in the Balinese acappella chant style called kecak.

Adam accompanies a spectacular finale of The Third Rail by jackhammering a pile of cinder blocks into dust.

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