Bob Schmidt's House, Thanksgiving 1995

by Mike Benedetti

It was O.K. A good start and finish. ``From The Air'' through ``Spoonman'' it dragged, and we couldn't really get a groove going. There were 20-30 people who kept drifting in and out. I had to leave right after the concert so I could get my homework done (bet Mick Jagger never said that . . . ) and so I didn't get to see the other bands play. Just before us was a woman who did some country stuff--I don't remember what songs, maybe Patsy Cline or something. I was obsessed with getting some caffeine into my system, so the whole thing was like a big daze for me.

The sound was O.K. Stale Urine is difficult to do sound for, because we use more mics than most bands and we use many different instruments. There seemed to be a lot of feedback, which sounds great on the tape. I don't remember who was doing sound, but he persevered admirably.

If we do another show in Seattle, we should go all-out to make up for the lackluster performance last week.

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