Dabney Dress Dinner Promo, November 14, 1996

TE, Khai-su

Stale Urine played at Dabney dress dinner 1996-11-14, promoting their CD, hoping to sell some more. Dunn handed out flyers of the lyrics of the show a few minutes before the show. Then Radford wheeled a big barrel (with old newspapers inside) from the lounge to the dining room, only to have Matters pop out from it and spill fake blood all over the floor, making the clean-up later more unbearable.

Then it was a version of Jail in the Radford Era. [note] Radford was on the vocal, Matters on the guitar, Drew on the bass, and Dunn on the sax. Drew, a new face in the old Band, did not show much of a difference from the style of Hofer. On the other hand, Radford, who for the first time officially broke the monopoly of Benedetti on the vocals of this song, manifested his own style, however not far from that of Benedetti's. I would say that this Radfordian Jail is a worthy collector's item for serious Urinites.

The only thing that went to the negative moiety of the axis is the audience. The great influx of the ``Cosmo''/yuppie-style new Darbs preserved their elegance by petrifying themselves in the face of the enthusigenic SU. While Radford warmheartly invited them to express their emotions toward ``Jail!'' ``You don't know who turned you in!'', they left SUers in the cold.

What followed was the first public appearance of ``Pink Tornado''. Three words: Dunn's sax rock. Though he seemed unprepared and improvising (?), the result was amazing. Matters also worked quite well on the vocals side, but I think he could have been more creative if enlightened. Radford and Drew are as good as that they kept the band stable.

ObServation: Drew showed up as one of SU, thus the ``Sleeves'' (?) has no legitimacy of existence, non raison d'etre. [note] Dunn mentioned, before the show, that the term ``SU'' be the general terminology for ``Dabney-based bands.'' I suggested ``Stale Urine International,'' consisting of a quite fluid cast of bandmembers.

Overall: These two songs are good material for comparative Urinology and post-Hofer/Benedetti Urinalysis, so I suggest serious Urinites to purchase the recordings once they get on OZ2.

Technical data on the recordings: recorded on an Aiwa walkman with default microphone by Khai-su. Barrel gimmick and starting few seconds of Jail missed. A few audio-speckles. Quality is between tolerable and OK. Both songs, or at least Pink Tornado, is planned to be featured in OZ2.

On the Khai-su scales of kickassness:

Technique: 7/10
for Dunn's sax, Drew's debut as SU, and Radford's vocals on Jail
Creativity: 8/10
for the barrel thingie
Antiestablishmentarianism: 0/10
for nothing
Audience: 1/10
for lack of enthusiasm and buying of CDs
Overall recording purchasability: 8/10
highly recommended for serious Urinites
Respectfully submitted,

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