Heidi Hofer Memorial Concert
July 20, 1995

by Alan McConchie

I had general admission seats at Stale Urine's Dabney concert and it was probably the greatest musical experience of my life. The boys kicked ass on stage as did Bad Religion, who got everybody moshing hard right off the bat. It was cool that Otis Rush played because it gave everyone time to relax and just laugh at all the people getting dropped while body surfing.

Like I said, when Bad Religion came on, everyone was hyper as hell and the mosh pits were FUCKING AWESOME. Other folks here said the crowd was calm, but not in front like I was. Of course, that's why I was there, because I knew it'd get fucking nuts. When Mike came on and started singing Strontium, people started crushing each other trying to sway, and I kind of got tired, not knowing I'd get through 3 hours in that sardine can of a field. But as soon as they played Bleed, I got totally pumped. Eventually, I floated 50 rows away from the person I was with and came back. The music fucking rocked, and the guards were cool, letting people body-surf, mosh, and get water. Mike ripped on Ticketmaster and local radio stations who acted like they had some special bond with the group, and during Heart of Glass he smashed his guitar up and threw it about 20 ft. from where I was. I bet it changed hands about 100 times before some hard-ass made off with it. Any way, the show kicked ass, was worth the cash, and GA was NOT FOR YOU (The faint of heart, that is). I WANNA GO AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!

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