Alan McConchie's SU Review: The Frosh Non-Fire

I remember the very first time I saw Stale Urine was at the frosh non-fire . . . Carrie and I were the DJs, and we were frantically running around trying to find songs with fire or burning or whatever in them. So we were totally relieved when somebody comes up and tells us this cool darb band called Stale Urine was gonna play. So I was like this frosh and didn't really know these guys much, but I knew they were all really cool upperclassmen types. So I see Kurt come out and start setting up this electric guitar, and I'm not suspecting anything weird until Benedetti shows up with an accordion . . . Then Radford gets this metal garbage can lid or whatever (the specific metal object used escapes my memory) and they start banging away with Villani singing Wax Man . . . I think either the guitar or the microphone wasn't plugged in or something, but there was all this banging and Villani was jumping around with this microphone and Clue Boy was burning himself In the background . . . it was great. Later they made Carrie and I play some more stuff, and onea the Urinites brought us a tape of Wax Man so we could hear what it was supposed to sound like when performed ``correctly'' but I think we were barred from playing it.

So anyway, that was sometime late first term, and I owned Egon by third term, so they must have played at the second term drop day party. I remember they went well with a lot of twinkies (for some reason there were a lot of twinkies and Ding Dongs at that drop day party. I don't see any visible connection). I don't remember at all if the sound quality was any good, but I remember liking Lobster and being disappointed that Villani wasn't singing more.

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