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I just came across this rather odd review of Stale Urine's "The Fourteen Points" & I thought I'd pass it along:


Stale Urine demands

1. The international revolutionary alliance of all creative and intellectual peoples in the entire world based on radical home-taping,

2. The introduction of progressive unemployment by means of comprehensive mechanization of all activities. Only through unemployment can the individual gain the possibility of discovering for shimself the truth of life and at last accustom shimself to experiencing it,

3. The immediate expropriation of property (stealing back your soul after having sold it at a very bad price for shoddy survival goods) and food and support for all, as well as the setting up of publically owned light and garden towns which will develop humanity towards freedom.

The Stale Urine Central Soviet calls for:

a) The daily public feeding of all creative and intellectual persons on Potsdam Square (Berlin) &/or in a California zoo as an homage to Bonnie Sherk.

b) All clergymen and teachers to pledge themselves to the Stale Urine articles of faith.

c) The most brutal struggle against all forms of the so-called intellectual worker (imitators of 'free' improvising from 30 years ago that no longer have the 'free' element represented in any significant way), against their concealed middle-class mentality and against Expressionism, Pop Art, and post-classical education as represented in Art School students pretending to be 'underground'.

d) The immediate setting up of a state repository for Stale Urine and the elimination of the notion of 'hipness' in the new art (see the above), the concept of 'hipness' will be completely disposed of in the supra-individual Stale Urine Fourteen Points Movement which will free all of humanity.

e) Introduction of the performance of bruitist, simultaneous and Stale Urine poems.

f) Requisition of all churches for the performance of bruitist, simultaneous and Stale Urine poems.

g) Establishment in all towns with a population over 1/2 of a person of a Stale Urine advisory board for the creation of new ways of living.

h) Immediate introduction of a grand Stale Urine propaganda scheme with 150 circuses for enlightenment of the proletariat.

i) Control of all laws and regulations by the Stale Urine Central Soviet for World Revolution.

k) Immediate regulation of all sexual relationships, in the international Stale Urine sense, by means of the establishment of a central Stale Urine sex board.

Don't ask me where "j)" went & I'll tell you no lies,

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