Who are Stale Urine?

[band picture]
Pictured: Hofer, Villani, Radford, Revis, Benedetti

Like the Sweathogs, Stale Urine is more of a state of mind than a particular group of people. We routinely bring in studio musicians to serve our artistic vision. At any given time, the band might contain one or more of the following:

Michael D. Benedetti
Accordion, vocals, guitars, and gargling
Alex Dunn
Clarinet and saxophone
Mr. Chris ``Godot'' DuPuis
Guitar and Prince imitation
Heidi Hofer
Kevin Kraft
Guitar and stentorian oration
Jon Lange
Accordion and falsetto
Geoffrey Matters
Guitar and human beatbox
Michael Radford
Drums, wastebasket, thunder sheet, and other makeshift percussion
Kurt Revis
Guitar, power tools, and scary coiffure
Adam Villani
Bass wastebasket, beer bottles, metal, and other arrhythmic percussion
[band picture]
Front Row: Radford, Villani, Dunn. Back Row: Hofer, Lange, Benedetti.

[band picture]
Front: Radford. Back: Hofer, Dunn, Vu, Benedetti.

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