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Stale Urine In the Caves of Nuclear Fire is SU's 5th full-length studio release, and perhaps their strangest yet.

The bulk of the album was recorded in mid-1996 just before the band's official hiatus began. But its release was delayed for almost two years due to contract disputes with the original mastering technicians. By the time the band finally took matters into its own hands, they had reunited to record two versions each of David Left Me Standing at the Altar and Miles Davis's Boplicity, which are included in the final track list.

The remaining tracks include the instant hits Pink Tornado, Backpack, and Joey dB, daring cover versions of Blondie's Heart of Glass and Guided By Voices's Kicker of Elves, and riveting experimental pieces like the radio monologue Death In Venice and Old Garbagemen Never Die (They Just Sober Up)--a found-art nod to Einstürzende Neubauten's Gestohlenes Band (Orf). Fans will also enjoy hearing former rarities like the unabridged version of John Denver . . . and SU's monumental, misguided, 22-minute version of the Greatful Dead's China Cat Sunflower.

Copies of SUITCONF are available on cassette for $3 each from Michael Radford, mrad@blorf.com. A limited number of CD copies are also still available.

T H E  S O N G S
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1.  Pink Tornado   mp3
2.  Groping Ayn Rand   mp3
3.  Backpack   mp3
4.  Death In Venice   mp3
5.  From The Air   mp3
6.  Joey dB   mp3
7.  Hello, Mr. Bicyclist!   mp3
8.  Movin' On Up   mp3
9.  China Cat Sunflower   mp3
10.  Old Garbagemen Never Die (They Just Sober Up)   mp3
11.  Beatnik Jubilee   mp3
12.  Kicker of Elves   mp3
13.  John Denver, Poet Laureate of Colorado   mp3
14.  Jambalaya   mp3
15.  Heart of Glass   mp3
16.  David Left Me Standing at the Altar (Hoedown Mix)   mp3
17.  David Left Me Standing at the Altar (Ozark Huff Mix)   mp3
18.  Boplicity   mp3
19.  Boplicity (Jazz Mix)   mp3

L  I  N  E  R    N  O  T  E  S
1. Pink Tornado
Lyrics: Benedetti, Radford
Music: Benedetti

I get up
And then I shave
It's just the same thing every day
I get up
I stand in line
Tired of the man just wasting my time

Pink is the only color I can see
Pink tornado

I can't sleep
I can't work
I don't know where to begin
I can eat
But I can't swallow
Come on man just let me in

Mike Benedetti--accordion, vocals, guitar
David Charles George Liney--cowbell
Michael Radford--vocals, drums, thunder sheet
Recorded June 6, 1996 in the Caltech Jam Room by Michael Radford

2. Groping Ayn Rand
Lyrics: Benedetti, Radford
Music: Traditional (backing harmonies by Radford)

Ayn Rand, Ayn Rand
Couldn't write to save her life
Ayn Rand, Ayn Rand
Would you like to be my wife?
Would you marry me tomorrow
Would you marry me, and then
Would you be my full-time lover
Would you never write again?

Ayn Rand, Ayn Rand
Always sleeping with the band
Hottest lover in the land
Never fails to meet demand
Ayn Rand, Ayn Rand
Would you marry me today?
If you do not value true love
Well then, honey, I can pay

Fountainhead, Schmountainhead
Who cares if Atlas shrugged?
I don't want to talk about that
I just want to kiss and hug
Ayn Rand, Ayn Rand
You're the woman that I seek
I know that you got a heart in there
So let me take a peek

Mike Benedetti--accordion, vocals
Alex Dunn--clarinet
Mr. Chris DuPuis--claps
Heidi Hofer--bass guitar
Geoff Matters--claps, backing vocals
Michael Radford--claps, backing vocals
Anh Vu--claps, backing vocals
Recorded May 23, 1996 at Caltech's Winnett Center

3. Backpack

Every word I said to you
Weighing on my mind
And I know if there was any justice in this world
That I'd be doing time
There is no war or T.V. in outer space
I want to take you there in my backpack

Mike Benedetti--accordion, vocals
Alex Dunn--clarinet
Heidi Hofer--bass guitar
Recorded February 10, 1996 in the Caltech Jam Room

4. Death In Venice
Adapted by Benedetti, based on the book by Thomas Mann

Mike Benedetti--vocals
Usual gang of random Darbs--background noise
Recorded February 27, 1996 in Dabney House Lounge

5. From The Air
Inspired by Laurie Anderson
Additional Lyrics: Benedetti, Radford, Villani
Additional Music: Benedetti, Radford

Mike Benedetti--accordion, vocals, guitar
Alex Dunn--guitar, saxophone
Heidi Hofer--bass guitar
Michael Radford--drums
Anh Vu--vocals
Recorded April 21 and 22, 1996 in the Caltech Jam Room by Michael Radford and Geoffrey Matters

6. Joey dB

Well I spent half my life in a big city full of lights
And I spent the other half out on this cold Alaskan ice
I stepped off the plane
My career faded away
Cause I saw you shining, burning
In the darkness of the day
But you're so scared of me
But I'm gonna change that
Gonna change my name to Joey dB

The boys and me
Spent a month and a half
Standing out on the ice floe
Waiting for a whale to cross our path
Singing "puigin agviq"
Talk about the Raven Man
Something about you me the whale and the land
But I still haven't managed to understand
It's gonna take Talaviliiraq
To mend this torn affair
I beg you to have mercy
It's so cold, and my heart is bare

Mike Benedetti--vocals, guitar
Alex Dunn--clarinet
Te, Khai-su--percussion
Recorded March 1, 1996 in the Dabney Library

  7. Hello, Mr. Bicyclist!

Mike Benedetti--accordion, backing vocals
Alex Dunn--saxophone
Heidi Hofer--bass guitar
Geoff Matters--percussion
Michael Radford--vocals
Anh Vu--backing vocals
Recorded May 23, 1996 at Caltech's Winnett Center

8. Movin' On Up

Mike Benedetti--backing vocals
Chris DuPuis--lead vocals
Kurt Revis--backing vocals
Adam Villani--backing vocals
Recorded January 14, 1995 at Steuben House by Kurt Revis

9. China Cat Sunflower
Jerry Garcia, Robert Hunter

Mike Benedetti--accordion, oil drum, guitar, keyboard, 2nd vocals
Alex Dunn--sax
Heidi Hofer--bass guitar
Michael Radford--drums
Adam Villani--percussion, vocals, keyboard, drums
Recorded August 17, 1995 in the Dabney House courtyard

10. Old Garbagemen Never Die (They Just Sober Up)
James Krehl--spoken introduction
Answering machine tape provided by James Krehl

11. Beatnik Jubilee
Dunn, Radford, Villani

Alex Dunn--clarinet
Michael Radford--drums
Anh Vu--percussion
Recorded February 10, 1996 in the Caltech Jam Room

12. Kicker of Elves
Robert Pollard
Additional lyrics: Benedetti

Mike Benedetti--vocal 2, accordion, backing vocals
Alex Dunn--clarinet, backing vocals
Michael Radford--vocal 1, drums, zombie guitar, backing vocals
Recorded March 16, 1996 in the Caltech Jam Room
Previously available on the
Wino's Got Airplanes tape compilation

13. John Denver, Poet Laureate of Colorado
Benedetti, DuPuis, Radford, Villani

Mike Benedetti--vocals, acoustic guitar, lobster claw harmonica
Mr. Chris DuPuis--vocals
Michael Radford--vocals, percussion
Kurt Revis--vocals, electric guitar
Adam Villani--vocals, percussion
Recorded November 24, 1995 at Seattle's SuperChronic Studios by Jon Lange
Previously available in abridged form on the compilation
Embodiments of Craving and Aversion

14. Jambalaya
Hank Williams

Mike Benedetti--accordion, vocals
Alex Dunn--guitar
Heidi Hofer--bass guitar
Michael Radford--percussion
Anh Vu--remesh
Recorded February 10, 1996 in the Caltech Jam Room

15. Heart of Glass
Deborah Harry, Chris Stein

Mike Benedetti--vocals, guitar
Heidi Hofer--bass guitar
Michael Radford--drums
Adam Villani--vocals
Recorded July 25, 1995 in the Jam Room by Alex Dunn

16. David Left Me Standing at the Altar (Hoedown Mix)
arranged by Stale Urine

Mike Benedetti--guitar
Alex Dunn--vodka bottle
Geoff Matters--bass guitar
Michael Radford--percussion
Recorded June 20, 1997 in Dabney Room 20

17. David Left Me Standing at the Altar (Ozark Huff Mix)
As above

18. Boplicity
Lyrics: Benedetti, Radford
Music: Miles Davis

You listen to Kenny G and Wynton Marsalis
With your de-caf latté and your withered phallus
Your girl is a gimp and a bitch and a pain
My woman's a goddess, she digs Miles and Trane
There is no venality in Boplicity
No conventionality in Boplicity
They won't let you in Boplicity because you suck
Boplicity is the place for me
Boplicity, that's where I'll be
Won't be sitting there by my T.V.
I'll be in Boplicity

Mike Benedetti--vocals
Judge Dunn--saxophone
Geoff Matters--guitar
Mike Radford--percussion
Recorded June 20, 1997 in Dabney Room 20

19. Boplicity (Jazz Mix)
As above

Mike Benedetti--accordion
Alex "Judge" Dunn--clarinet and saxophone
Mr. Chris DuPuis--guitar
Heidi Hofer--bass
Jon Lange--accordion
Geoff Matters--guitar, bass
Michael "Crash" Radford--percussion
Kurt Revis--guitar
Anh Vu--percussion

Mark Benedetti
Fred Caldwell
The Caltech Film Club
The Caltech Jam Room
The Caltech Y
Bill Castillo
Matthew Doucleff
Gus DuPuis
Bill Gross
Diana King
James Krehl
The Kung-Fu Monkeys
David Liney
Brian Lott
  The Melon Farmers
Jennifer Ohgi
Peter Pantelidis
Aaron Passey
Radio Free Santa Cruz
Andrew Schön
The Sound Exchange
  (Parkersburg, WV)
Laurent Stadler
Te, Khai-su
Chris Walker
Wayne Waller
Paul Woznicki
the residents of Dabney House

This is a live recording with no overdubs except for: accordion, percussion, guitar, and vocal overdubs on "Pink Tornado"; accordion overdub on "From the Air"; vocal overdubs on "Kicker of Elves". Stale Urine In The Caves Of Nuclear Fire was recorded in 1995, 1996, and 1997 on and around the Caltech campus. Digitally mastered by Alex Dunn and Michael Radford. Technical support from Wayne Waller. Produced by Michael Parker. All songs copyright © 1995, 1996 Stale Urine except tracks 8, 9, 12, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, and 19. All rights reserved. For more information contact info@staleurine.com.

  • Tom Lowenstein, Ancient Land, Sacred Whale: The Inuit Hunt and Its Rituals. London: Bloomsbury, 1993
  • Thomas Mann, Death in Venice. 1912
  • Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged. New York: Random House, 1957

copyright © 1993-98 Stale Urineinfo@staleurine.com